The 120 #2 – less equipment needed

I always recommend workouts like The 120   for your first attemts at a Functional Fitness workout from this site. I decided to tweek The 120  a bit to use less equipment, especially the Pull-up bar for those who struggle with that.  Here you go!
NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Box or chair to jump on, stairs,
10 Box Jumps
10 Dive Bombers
10 Brazilian Crunch
10 Air Squats
10 Lateral Bound
10 Frog Jumps
10 Push-ups
10 Scissor Kicks
10 Lunge Twists
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Leg Raises 
10 Split Squat Jumps
5 flights of Stairs
X 2 (for the stairs only)

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