Spartacus #3 – Jeremy’s Version

Jeremy came up with the idea of taking the original Spartacus workout and cutting the time in half to 30 seconds per exercise.  I agreed. Jeremy said that you can do anything intensely for 30 seconds. The following is my attempt to prove him wrong 🙂
30 seconds each exercise
15 seconds rest in between exercises
2 minutes rest after each round
4 rounds total
Side Pillar Bridge (rotate sides)
Goblet Squats
Sit-up, Stand-up Tuck Jumps
Lunge Twists
Spiderman Push-ups
Dumbbell  Standing Wipers
Hindu Push-ups
Bottom Up Presses
Oblique Sit-ups (rotate sides. example: lean to your right and raise both legs until left knee touches left elbow, where the left hand is behind your head. Switch sides for the next round)
Scorpion Push-ups
By the way, this is a perfect workout for using the Gymboss. If you don’t have one yet, you should pick one up. Just click on the link.

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