Slosh Tube deck of cards workout

If you haven’t guessed already, I love Devon.  Devon is my homemade Slosh Tube if you haven’t already heard me go on and on about him.

Well the other day, I wanted to introduce my friend, Seth, to the Deck of Cards workout. I have limited equipment at home and I just can’t seem to get enough of Devon.  The workout I chose turned out to be a perfect total body workout. I was very happy with it (in a masochistic sorta way).  Check it out:

Black cards under 6 were Psycho Push-ups
Black cards 6 and over were regular Push-ups
Red cards under 6 were Pull-ups
Red cards 6 and over were Slosh Tube Presses
He had the opposite, so we could share the Slosh Tube, meaning he did Slosh Tube Presses with black cards 6 and over.
Oh and don’t forget…jokers are 20 Burpees!!

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