Sincere Hogan’s 100/75/50/25 workout

You want a workout to do at home, at the gym, or basically anywhere you choose?

You want to kick your butt so hard you can’t move?

My friend Sincere Hogan posted this workout from his FitCamp down in Houston. Click here for a link to his post (including video). My crew and I thought, “Well we should do the intermediate level of this workout no problem, and most likely be able to do the advanced.”


It was a small crew that field tested this – just 5 of us. 4 did only 1 round of each set in about 25 minutes and called it a day. The 5th did the first set 1 more time, still not even reaching the intermediate level, but getting a good 40-45 minute workout. So don’t beat yourself up about how many rounds you do. Just hit it hard and go for 30-50 minutes for a complete workout. Or challenge yourself to do 3 rounds and post your time on Sincere Hogan’s post.

Check out Sincere’s post to watch a video for demonstrations of all the exercises.
SET #1:
100 Prisoner Squats (think Squat Jump)
75 Spiderman Push-ups
50 Mountain Jumpers (think Mountain Climbers with both feet coming up at the same time)
25 Swing Out Sisters (think Leg Swoop, but with touching your toes).
SET #2:
100 Knee to Opposite Elbow Plank
75 Up/Downs (think Pike Push-up position moving into the bottom of a Dive Bomber position and back – oh just check out Sincere’s video for a peek)
50 Squat Thrusts (think Burpee without the jump or Push-up)
25 Plyo Push-ups
Perform 1 (good workout),  2 (intermediate), or 3 (advanced) rounds of each set. 
Don’t forget to let Sincere Hogan know on his post about your times and/or let us know here on our post about what you think.

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