Scavenger hunt workout #2

This version of the scavenger hunt Functional Fitness workout is actually more like a real scavenger hunt.  It will most likely be easiest to illustrate  if I simply explain how I did mine. 

I filled out 8 index cards to attach to 8 cones.  I numbered the cards 1 through 8 and put two sets of exercises on each card. I wrote one in green and one in orange. I then covered the index card with a blank one, so you would have to flip the blank index card up to reveal the card with the text. This allowed me to place all 8 cones in various places either in my yard or all around the gym and stairwell at work, and even I would not know what index card was where.

Here is a sample card:

Station #3
10 Burpees (written in green)
20 Push-ups (written in orange)
I assigned an order for each person. For example, person A would have to find the cone with station #1 on it first, then station #2, all the way up to station #8. Person B would do it backwards. Another person would do odd then even, another would start at 5 and go up to 8 and then 1 through 4, etc. This way, no two persons were going to be going in the same order (limits cheating that way).
#1 – all parties start at once and go in different directions to different cones
#2 – if a person is at a cone, you can not join them and have to eithe wait or find another cone
#3 – when you get to a cone, lift up the blank card to reveal the station
#4 – if you are at the correct station, do the exercises in green and move on to find your next cone.
#5 – If  you are at the wrong station, do the exercises in orange and go try to find the right cone.
#6 – You have to go from cone to cone until you find your starting station. (for example, if you are going from 1 to 8, you have to go from cone to cone until you find station #1 first. Then you have to find station #2, then #3, etc). In other words, if you hit all the cones but that #1 first, you still have to go back to those previous cones in order.
Remember which cones have what station #, so you don’t have to repeat mistakes. If you have a good memory, you will be doing anywhere from 8 (if you are lucky) to 15 cones (that means you did 7 wrong cones before you found the first one in your given series). If you forget which cones are where and repeat mistakes, you will obviously be doing more exercises.
Make sure you use bodyweight exercises on the cards that everybody knows, since you will be doing them alone and it will be difficult to ask for help if you don’t know an exercise.

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