Push-up Challenge

The Key word here again is “Challenge.” 

Pick a number from 6 to 20. Then the challenge is to do that number of reps for each Push-up exercise below. In between each Push-up exercise (or whenever really), you are not allowed to rest, but you are allowed to do one of the following “filler exercises” for as long as you need to.


Scissor Kicks
Leg Raises
Cross Toe Touches
Uneven Push-up
Plyometric Push-up
Psycho Push-up
Close Grip Push-up
Aztec Push-up
Twist Push-up
Sidestep Push-up
Scorpion Push-up
Grasshopper Push-up
PB Push-up (1 or 2 PB)
Military Push-up
Spiderman Push-up
Plyo Spiderman Push-ups
Pike Push-up
Hindu Push-up
PB Explosive Push-up
Spinning Push-up
1 Leg Push-ups
Medicine Ball Psycho Push-ups
Note: Any Push-up that involves only 1 side, do not do your reps for each side. So for example, if you are doing 10 reps, only do 10 Twist Push-ups, not 10 each side. 
Another Note:  If you are just plain too fatigued to do any Push-ups anymore, try doing some of them on your knees. It is not cheating. This is a challenge, not a mandatory all or nothing workout. It may take you several tries to do this.

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