Project Yeti: week 3 – doctor approved

Randy’s words:

Monday 16 APR 2012

Day: 16

I am in the Doctor’s office right after work with hope in my heart. Waiting for my name to be called, and I am waiting and waiting and waiting. A brief commercial message brought to you by the American Medical Association. Just because your appointment is at 0900hrs that is just an “estimated time.” These words are exactly how they came out of the receptionists mouths at 1015hrs. Raise your hand if this %#*^&#@ has to stop!!! So I get into the other waiting room at 1030hrs and the Doctor saunter in at 1030hrs. Rotates my shoulder and tells me that my blood pressure is elevated. I inform him it wasn’t when I got here at 0900hrs for my appointment but the lack of magazines from this decade must have inflamed something. This 3 minute session cost me a $20.00 co-pay and the orders to not over exert it till Friday and come see me then. Did I mention faithful followers that I am an ex-police chief and this allows me to carry a pistol? Translation I was robbed could not defend myself, and it’s legal. Air Dyne and sleep. Sorry for the rant…..   

Tuesday 17 APR 2012

Day: 17 

Okay so fully rested and Dr. Timex did not say anything about core or lower body. I consulted Pete’s manual of messed up tortures (just kidding) and find the following. Air Dyne for 30 minutes followed by Scissor Kicks, Lunge Twists, Ice Skaters, Lateral Bound, Quad Squats, Brazilian Crunch, and Sit Ups. I am still not doing as many as I would like to but I am trying.

Wednesday 18 APR 2012

Day: 18 

Day off I need to recharge. But while you’re still reading a few words about cravings and psychology. Why is it that every time I am on a diet I can smell Panera’s bread in the shower, let’s face it I can smell it anywhere. I eat a good meal within my diet and 15 minutes later I want some of the most stupid stuff like vanilla wafers or fudge and I do not even like fudge. Help me out here am I alone in this or do others also go a little sense crazy when they diet? 

Thursday 19 APR 2012

Day: 19 

Back at it with a fury, okay with mild forward motion, it’s my journal. I did okay with the workout Tuesday so I repeated it but could not do more than I did then. I am disappointed but it is awkward not being able to use my shoulder.  

Friday 20 APR 2012

Day: 20 

Back at the Doctor’s and it’s a miracle. I only had to wait 50 minutes to get in this time. Modern science is amazing is it not? Another $20.00 and 3 minutes of his time and I can resume my normal activities. Because I paid for this I slowed his escape and quizzed him on my exercises saying that I did not want to re-injure my shoulder or any part of me. I discussed the movements and he agreed that as long as I took it slow and work back into them that the “program is sound” and should not give me much problems even with me size. Home to the Air Dyne and to bed. 

Saturday 21 APR 2012

Day: 21 

I bound out of bed, remember I’m the author you’re the reader, in my mind I can bound and I get back into the mix. Lunge Twists, Ice Skaters, Wall Sit, Front Pillar Bridge, Push-Ups, Side Bridge, (both sides) V-Sit, Mountain Climbers, Ankle Jumps, and Scissor Kicks. Ending with the Aid Dyne until time for work.  I was careful doing the movements and did not rush. 

Sunday 22 APR 2012

Day: 22

WEIGHT: If you switch to kg mode you almost feel better   



Still on pace but I cheated on the diet. Remember when I said I could smell Panera well it is not hard when you’re at the counter. I had a half sandwich, turkey and artichoke on chabata toasted. Yes I know but I am weak and frail and HUMAN. I felt like cardio today so I went to the YMCA and got a day pass. Into the pool to free Willy. I love to swim and am good at it but most large mammals are. Watch animal planet for proof. It felt great and I got good range of motion in both shoulders. Thanks again for the support everyone I am truly humbled by your words. More next week.

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  1. Shane

    Hey, sometimes you have to feed the craving beast. Remember, a diet is about changing the habits, not about 100% denial of all that you love to eat. If you change your habits to eat healthy most of the time, those few times you don’t won’t matter much. The problem is when we habitually eat bad.

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