Project Yeti: Week 1

Randy’s journal of week 1: 

Monday 02 APR 2012

Day: 2 

I felt empowered as I lay my head to my pillow and dream the sleep of the just. I awoke to the odd sensation of stiffness. Stiffness is an understatement, rigor mortis had set in and I needed to pee. A mere 10 feet away and I was having difficulty getting out of my memory foam mattress and into the bathroom. If you could have seen me it was pitiful and humorous all at the same time. After I completed my quest I took a very much needed hot bath to loosen my immobile limbs, joints and back. To say I might have over done my first workout is a gross understatement.  Gary Ryan Blair wrote “discipline is based on pride, on meticulous attention to details, and on mutual respect and confidence. Discipline must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the goal or the fear of failure.” He forgot to say that pride can hobble like an old man if you are not disciplined enough to slowly work into a program. Here endith the lesson. More tomorrow…..

Tuesday 03 APR 2012

Day: 3

 I tried to get in a full workout yesterday but was not very successful. After the Air Dyne I spent the next 30 minutes stretching out the knots. I was so sore I could not make a proper journal entry. I thought I had put the past behind me and since it was a beautiful day I stretched and went for a walk/run in my neighborhood. I have marked out a path that winds through the sub-division and ends 1.5 miles later back at my driveway. I was doing well and mindful of my past over exertion. Listening to some military cadences for motivation I had a steady pace and then out of nowhere Mr. Murphy produces a pot hole and I step into it. Nothing too bad but my ankle is not talking to me as of yet. I may need a day off but I will see how the night goes. More tomorrow, hopefully…….

Wednesday 04 APR 2012

Day: 4

Today is an off day but I still got a nice walk in. More tomorrow…..

Thursday 05 APR 2012

Day: 5

Okay were back on course. It was nice to have a day off but I am still sore and after a stretch and an Air Dyne warm up I got back into my modified 120 #2. This time I cut the routine in half and stretched well in between the movements. In e-mails from Pete he will be making adjustments and for the better. A long ride till I was well worn out and I was spent. Two days till my next weigh in and I have hope. More tomorrow…..

Friday 06 APR 2012

Day: 6

Happy Good Friday everyone!!! I woke to another tight mussel morning but not as bad as the other day. I took a well needed stretch and went for a walk/run. When I returned I worked out on my heavy bag until I was arm weary. I did 10 arm hangs and a brisk cool down on the Air Dyne. It is not getting easier but I did not expect it too. More tomorrow…..

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  1. brismith22

    You are so hilarious Mr. Yeti. I am rooting for you! keep up the good work! Whomever told you a dog is a mans best friend is mistaken- as stretching is, a dog cannot massage your aches and pains away for proper mobilization. Good Luck!!! Looking forward to more of your updates!

  2. Shane

    Inspiring Randy! Keep it up.

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