Project Yeti: Rounding out the first month

Randy’s words:

Monday 23 APR 2012

Day: 23 

Today I am back at the YMCA at Sherman Lake. I got a full membership and find the pool. I love the water and it loves me. A few dozen laps and I are out and into the gym. This is a great facility and I use their cardio equipment to finish me off. 


Tuesday 24 APR 2012

Day: 24 

I have to go into work for a meeting so I am limited in my workout. Air Dyne and one rep of the 120 #2. I take it easy and have trouble completing them in good form. I stop by and visit with Pete. His mind is always working and I could see the wheels turning as we talk. The mad scientist in him tells me he has some new exercises he wants me to try so I do not get bored. Ever watch Boris Karloff when he is in his evil genius mode. Pete has the same stare and I am not afraid to say I am nervous.  


Wednesday 25 APR 2012

Day: 25 

Day off from work and after I take a brick walk and get somewhat chased by a dog in the subdivision I go to Firekeepers Casino and play some poker. Don’t judge in 4 hours’ time I am up $600.00 and headed for the door. 


Thursday 26 APR 2012

Day: 26 

So I am looking over Pete’s new exercises and I can hear his evil laugh in my head as I am reading them. I got up late and all I can do is try them. I will give you the run down later but easy is not in his vocabulary.


Friday 27 APR 2012

Day: 27 

Today I am back into the gym and the pool. The workout yesterday was good but again I am not comfortable with the core I have. I am getting good range of motion in my swims and the flexibility is slowly replacing the stiffness. Yeah me.  


Saturday 28 APR 2012

Day: 28 

Today I find a note that I have to rototiller the garden before I go to work and it is already 1800hrs. Don’t people know I have super hero training to do and not the work of mere mortals? What a workout this is and the forgetfulness of the need to haul the 20, 40 pound bags of mulch was a nice edit. Batman didn’t have yard work…… 


Sunday 29 APR 2012

Day: 29

WEIGHT: What is heaver a ton of feather, a ton of lead, or the shadow of my butt   



I am doing all I can to get that pound to register and not drop to 0.9. These days will happen and I know that. I suck up my pride and my ample buttock and to the gym I go. Today I concentrate on the 120 #2 movements and stay out of the pool. People are staring as if I am having a fit or something. I just remember that we paid the same for the space and ignore them. Besides I could crush them like a bug. More next week and hopefully a better outcome.

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  1. Shane

    I so feel your pain with the diminished weight loss. I have been stagnant for several weeks now – its very disheartening. Yours will pick up again in the near future. Remember that 2-3 lbs/week is a very healthy rate to lose weight. And also remember that it will fluctuate mightily with fluid intake.

    Please keep us informed like this on your progress, I enjoy reading your journals.

  2. Lawrence Boivin

    While Batman may not have had to do yardwork, I have a pretty good source that he was responsible for cleaning his toilet & washing his own underwear. Even superheros (& those going down the superhero path) have to do some grunt work. 🙂

    That’s life.

    Keep up the good fight though!

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