Project Yeti: Randy’s first weigh-in

Sunday 01 APR 2012

Day: 1

WEIGHT: You Have To Be Kidding, This Thing Is Broken




I woke to a cool afternoon and remembered that I needed to weight in. Don’t think I am lazy; I started my new shift at work that begins at midnight and gets out at eight in the morning. I did well on my driver home. I work in Grand Rapids but I live in Battle Creek. Between the two points there is every fast food place you can imagine and a few that are hidden gems. Can I get a witness for Yesterdog? So it is easy to hit a drive thru and pick up a coffee and since I am there a few hundred calories for the ride home. Today I can say I sailed past them all.

I started carrying an insulated mug (pre-planning) and make a mug of tea before I leave work for the drive home thus eliminating the need to even stop. It helps and I’m saving money. Sorry I ramble sometimes, back to the weigh in. 

So I get on my 1000 pound maximum scale and the numbers spun until it stopped on three cherries, or so it seemed. Let’s just say I am not proud today of myself. If you stay with my postings I swear I will tell you my starting weight when I am not so ashamed. I got on my AirDyne and started to warm up. This did not take too long, fat is a great insulator.

I moved into Pete’s basic beginner 120 #2. I know it is for beginners but this is not as easy as it reads or looks on the you tube videos. I got thru the Box Jumps and the Dive Bombers but they were not pretty. The Brazilian Crunch was very challenging for the less than agile like me and I worked my way thru the 10 reps having to stop every other one. The Air Squats, Lateral Bound, Frog Jumps, Push-Ups, Scissor Kicks, Lunge Twists, Mountain Climbers, Leg Squats and Split Squat Jumps went well but they were not in good form which I know will cone in time. As for the 5 flights of stairs I replaced this with Step-Ups on and off an 8 inch elevated platform 150 times and then repeated it another 150 times after I paused for a minute.

I really like the limited equipment workout and will move into the others once I “master” these. I ended the set with 10 each of 5 count jumping jacks, push-ups, bent knee set ups, and pull ups. I told you I would not lie to you so I must confess I could not do a single pull up. I did hang for 5 seconds 10 times. Gravity is not my friend, yet. My cool down was done on the AirDyne for a total of 15 minutes.

Frankly I was exhausted and the entire workout took over an hour to perform because of my need to take breaks. I am sore and am not looking forward to my mussels rebelling against me as the lactic acid builds. More tomorrow……


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  1. Michele

    Hi Randy,

    Just wanted to say Great Job! I am rooting for you!

  2. MrsQ

    You did it! You weighed in (so now you have the data you need to measure your SUCCESS), you changed a habit that wasn’t serving you well and replaced it with one that will (having a hot tea for the ride home, and avoiding take out – just think of the $$ you’ll save!) AND you worked out!

    It doesn’t sound like it could have been any better – YEAH! Those sore muscles are a badge of honor. Wear them proudly!

    ps: I work nights, too – it takes some effort to work over night and stay well. Protect your sleep at all costs.

  3. Congratulations! and by the way, this routine does not look easy to me, either on paper or on video: even Zuza is breathing slightly more heavily after demonstrating, and she stops at five! No matter how much I train, this exercise never fails to challenge ^_^

    This may sound daft, but what keeps me going is that I enjoy such workouts: challenging exercises, but not too many reps, and enough variety to keep it interesting.

    I wish you all the best, and keep sharing!

  4. Shane

    Go Randy!

    If you haven’t already, I’d also suggest measuring all your vitals – chest, waist, hips, biceps, etc. Those will change fast too, and I wish I had taken my measurements before I began. The more you can track, the more progress indicators you have.

    You will do great.

  5. IronGirlK

    GOOD FOR YOU for taking the first difficult step. This is a lifestyle change, and it will not be easy to stick to these drastic changes. We want you to succeed! Driving by the fast food places is HUGE (pun intended) in your quest for better health and smaller pants size. And you need to save that money anyway for new clothes 😉

    Best of luck to you, and keep us posted on your progress!

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