Project Yeti: germs are not respecting what Randy is trying to accomplish

Randy’s words:

Monday 30 APR 2012

Day: 30 

Today I am back at the YMCA. I am getting great range of motion in the pool and the workout area makes it easy to do the 120 #2 exercises. 

Tuesday 01 MAY 2012

Day: 31 

Sick as a dog is an understatement. After I left the Y I stopped and got fresh asparagus and morels. I am a good forager and all looked well. I roasted them in some butter and garlic and they tasted fantastic. Skip ahead 6 hours. I will not go into detail bit I am very ill.  

Wednesday 0-2 MAY 2012

Day: 32 

Still in bed Gatorade and broth is all I can keep down.

Thursday 03 MAY 2012

Day: 33 

I had to take a day off from work. I am so weak and still not feeling well enough to venture far from the bathroom.

Friday 04 MAY 2012

Day: 34 

I took another day off from work. Still very weak and nauseated. What the hell did I eat.

Saturday 05 MAY 2012

Day: 35 

Today I am back to work but weak. No workout to report on.

Sunday 06 MAY 2012

Day: 36

WEIGHT: If you switch to kg mode you almost feel better   



I cannot claim this loss I know as soon as I am feeling better I will gain most of it back. I hope I can get back into my workouts soon. I am back to work but still am not feeling even 50% of normal. Someone will read this and in 6 months there will be an asparagus and morels diet. At least I have not tossed up my sense of humor.

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  1. Sally Kemme

    You are still doing great. It’s hard when there are setbacks but you sound very positive and will come back nice and strong. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Shane

    Its all good. I’m off every workout except running because of a nagging elbow injury. Setbacks occur, life is not perfect.

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