Project Yeti: A huge bump in the road

Randy’s words:

Okay, so I feel like I am letting you down but mostly I am letting Pete down. I had to stop most of my workouts on the advice of my Doc and an old friend who is a sports medicine physical therapist. A little history for you before the current dilemma. Several years ago while I was on patrol I was involved in an incident where I was ran over by car hauler that was being pulled by a truck. It’s part of the job and for the most part it has not bothered me much. I hyperextended both of my knees and did damage to my shoulder.

Fast forward to present day. It seems that the problems I have been having are more related to this then I thought. The Doc and the Physical Therapist think that I need to lose weight before I place this type of strain on my previously injured areas. This makes sense but it does not mean that I have to like it. Pete put in a lot of time in helping me and you all have been so supportive that I fell that I have failed you.

I am not quitting, I just need to take a pause while Weight Watchers for Men steals whatever taste buds I have left. They figure I need to get to sub 400lbs before I can work into this again for the stresses to be tolerable. By my calculations, and yes I gained 3 pounds back, this will be around Thanksgiving 2012. I will do my best and stay the course but for now I have to leave you without completing my promise. I truly hope you will understand. 

My words:

I am going to stay in touch with Randy as he continues with Weight Watches and I offered for him to continue sharing his progress on the website, even if the fitness piece is not there. I keep getting emails of people wanting to hear more from him and his journey and I feel that we can all gain from his openess (not to mention his great humor).

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  1. Sally Kemme

    Randy, you haven’t let us down you have to also take care not to do more damage and not beable to do anything. We will still be behind you on your journey to lose weight and don’t get discouraged by a gain or two. Just keep doing what’s best for your health and if you have a bad week next week will be better. Get back on the wagon and keep going. In a year or so you will be so happy you continued trying and losing along the way. prayers go out to you as I know how hard it is to lose and also try and please others. YOu are the one that you need to lose for and if the others are happy it’s a bonus. Keep up the good work.

  2. RJ

    Yes, please- more Randy! I have enjoyed reading your comments. I do hope that you keep us posted, and good luck with weight watchers. Remember, adding herbs & spices can add lots of flavor so you don’t get bored, as long as they don’t include sugar (or copious amounts of salt). Keep it up! You will be so glad you did!

  3. Bare Lee

    Don’t forget walking. As soon as your doctors clear you to walk, walk as much as you can. It’s one of the best ways to start getting back in shape, no matter how little or much out-of-shape you’ve become. If your weight puts too much stress on your joints, try walking in a pool.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      From what I understand, almost anything in a pool should be ok for the joints. Either way, I want Randy to keep up Weight Watchers and keep up posting it each week.

      1. Bare Lee

        Yah, me too. Any any sort of exercise at all will make the dieting easier. It will increase the overall metabolic rate and help moderate the appetite.

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