Press Day

10 barbell (BB) presses 85 lbs
10 – each side –  kettlebell (KB) clean and press
5 – each side – 1 leg dumbbell (DB) curl to press 30 lbs
30 box jumps
10 floor wipers with 45 lb DB
30 tuck jumps
10 – each side – 1 arm KB suspended  press
30 push-ups
10 frog jumps
30 dips
10 – each side –  physio ball (PB) 1 arm DB presses 25 lbs
(kneel on PB and curl DB)
30 sprawls
Run on treadmill with push-ups
(warm up 3 min, do 20 push-ups, run for 1 min, 20 push-ups, repeat)
Bear walk on stairs
(Bear walk down stairs head first. Do at least 5 flights)

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  1. kemmefitness

    A small group did this one with me today. I had forgot how great this one is for your core. The cable machine was occupied, so we did Kettlebell One Arm Suspended Presses instead. This ranks up there with my favorite workouts of all time.

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