Power of Ten – At Home with a Physioball

10 – each side – Physioball Leg Rotation
10 Chin-ups
10 – each side – 1 Leg Physioball Push-up (feet on the ball)
10 Siamese Squats
10 – each side – Physioball Knee Rotation
10 Burpees
10 Push-ups after every exercise
10 – each side – Leg Swoops
10 – each side – Physioball Lateral Rolls
10 Sit-up, Stand-up Tuck Jumps
10 – each side – 1 Leg Physioball Sit-ups
10 Sprawls
10 – each side –PhysioballMountainClimbers
10 Frog Jumps
10 Air Squats after every exercise
No rest between exercises
1 minute rest between rounds
10 – each side – Twist Push-ups
10 –each side – Physioball Russian Twists
10 – each side – Side Lunges
10 – each side – 1 Leg Physioball Knee Tuck
10 Pike Push-ups after every exercise
No rest between exercises
1 minute rest between rounds
10 Dips
10 Quad Squats
10 Pull-ups
10 Muslim Prays
Does this look a lot like Power of Ten #2?  Why, yes it does. That is because I took that and changed the exercises so this can be done at home with just a Physioball (with the exception of the Chin-ups, but everybody should have a place to do that). My point is…see how easy it is to make up your own workouts to do at home? 

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    1. Pat

      OMG, I’m laughing my ass of here. Is this thing also catching on in America or is it purely an Aussie thing?

      However, planks are cool. I’m currently a big fan of the “Lalanne Plank”(?) only I do it on my palms and with my feet and hands together.

      @Pete: I guess my e-mail didn’t reach you again. So here is the super short version:
      You’ve got the “creating a new workout” section covered quite well. What had me confused is that I was used to weight lifting schedules like: chest workout, rest day, back workout, rest day, leg workout, more rest and start over. Since weight lifting persues different goals than crosstraining and most workouts are whole body workouts this can be confusing.

  1. Kemme Fitness

    Yes, it took a long time for us to stop asking, “so what am I working with this exercise? I think it is a lat exercise, or is it more of a shoulder?” Also, I still requests to do a “shoulder” day or a “back” day. Albiet, some of the workouts do focus on upperbody more than lower and there are workouts such as “Press Day,” etc, but it is a whole change in thinking. It doesn’t come overnight, that’s for sure.

    Think of it this way. Don’t do more than 3 intense days in a row, try for 4 days a week, all of the workouts will be intense and will work your whole body. We always work the core and NEVER isolate muscles (no Preacher Curls allow, etc allowed). If the movements you are doing are interesting and dynamic, you are on your way.

    Some bodybuilders will get a little self-conscious at first because you bi-ceps and pecs will not be so puffy as before…but don’t worry, your abs will rock and you won’t have to flex to show off your muscles!

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