Outdoor scavenger hunt workout

I have to say this is one of the most fun Functional Fitness workouts I’ve done in a long time. You can do this one alone, but it will be obvious how awesome this will be in groups.  I would suggest pairing up for some company though as you work your way through the stations.


Set up some stations around your home, local park, field, etc.  I recently placed 8 cones all around my house.  The cones don’t have to be horribly far from each other, since you can make the course longer by having participants move to any station and you can pick stations far away from each other.

Essentially you place a piece of paper at each station (taped to your cones perhaps). On the piece of paper, you have the station # in large print for easy identifying. Below that, you place the prescribed exercise (10 Burpees for example). Below that, you place which cone to go to next and how to get there (Frog Jump to station #7  for example).

I typically put “jog” on about half of the cones with a few sprints and some animal walks such as Bear Walk on the rest. You can also put a second round on the sheet below the first, so after round one, set everybody back up at a station and run through again with the next exercises/movements.

As you can imagine, this format has tons of flexibility. You can put equipment at a station, with the bonus being you can run a large group even if you only have 2 of any given piece of equipment, since you should only have 2 people at a station at any given time.  I like to place a few Medicine Balls at a station, some Clubbells at another, etc.

Try it out and comment on this post with how it went. Where did you do it at? You use any equipment?  How many folks did the workout with you?

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