ipod shuffle workout

A fun Functional Fitness workout by guest Seth Crooks

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: None, unless you want

30 Seconds rest anytime during each song
Switch exercises as often as you please for each song

Song 1
Scissor Kicks
Push Ups

Song 2
V Sit

Song 3
Tuck Jumps
Leg Raises

Song 4
Lateral Bounds
Air Squats

Song 5
Nose to Ground
Stutter Steps

Song 6
Lunge Walk
Pike Push Ups

Song 7
Frog Jumps
Front Plank

Song 8
Bear Walk

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  1. Aaron R.

    Definitely better suited to Green Day than Led Zeppelin. 🙂

  2. Lawrence

    Make sure you have the following songs lined up:

    1. Stairway to Heaven
    2. Bohemian (sp) Rhapsody
    3. November Rain
    4. And Justice for All (though there’s a few Metallica tunes that are longer).

    NO RAMONES SONGS! That’s cheating. 🙂

  3. Seth

    For a real challenge, load up your player with only hair band ballads. Nothing screams ‘burpees’ like ‘Nobody’s Fool’.

    1. Lawrence

      Like that is some sort of breaking news… Seriously, Pete you have been exposed to us long enough to know that we would swoop in here & make a good workout a hellish workout. 🙂 It’s what we do. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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