How Do You Workout?

As you can see, I try to create workouts designed for a wide variety of people and their circumstances. 

This year I had vowed to focus a little more on those coming from the running world and those working out from their home because last years stats seemed to indicate that you are the biggest users of this site.

That doesn’t mean I am not going to design new workouts for those of us in a gym. I am still planning on using the free one here at work because…well because it is free. Did I mention it was free?  Also I have a group working out with me each day, ranging from 2 to 8 folks. That is a great testing ground for the new workouts (free guinea pigs).

I try not to ask much of those visiting the site – most things are free. I just had 2 questions, but I tried to make it easy for you answer them.  Just click on your reponse for each. A new window will open up and you can simply close it. That’s it. 

The more of you that respond, the better I can get an idea of who is using the site and I can try to tailor things to help out those you want the help.

QUESTION #1:  Where do you work out mostly?
a) At Home
b) At a Gym
c) At a Track
d) Other Location
QUESTION #2: What type of exercising did you do prior to trying out Kemme Fitness?
a) Runner
b) Ultra Runner
c) Weight Lifter
d) Crossfit, P90X, etc
e) Aerobics
f) Not exercising
g) Other Program
 Thank you for you help!

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