Homemade Clubbell

The Homemade Clubbell is an incredibly low-cost addition to your home gym. This piece of equipment is more mainstream then some of our others and there are plenty of tutorials on the web to help you with exercise ideas and proper form. Check out our Exercise Page and scroll down to the Clubbell for several links to get you started.

Also, you can simply replace the Clubbell for other pieces of equipment such as the Heavy Weight/Sand Bag, Mini Slosh Tube, or Kettlebell, and perform exercises demonstrated for those pieces of equipment.


The Homemade Clubbell is not only one of the cheapest, but definitely one of the easiest tools we have in our Low Cost Gym. As you can see by the photo, I simply have the $4 thrift store wiffle bat.

Choose the filler material. I opted for cement, which gave me a 15 pound Clubbell. That turned out to be perfect for me. Other options are pea gravel or sand, among other things.
Cut a hole in the base of the handle.
Pour in your material. I mixed up some cement and slowly filled her up. Then let it dry if you use cement.
Seal the Clubbell. It is not really necessary if you used cement, but I put a touch of duct tape on there in case any of the cement crumbled off. If you use sand, you will have to make the cap more secure. I would save the cut piece of plastic and glue/tape that back on.
Name your clubbell. 
Say hello to Jutte above in the photo. That name is an easy one to figure out with a google search 🙂   

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  1. Harvey

    First I discover that Lawrence is a closet D&D nerd….Now this! Pete, are you really into Yu-Gi-Oh? That was the first entry to pop up when I googled Jutte. So it aint so. Those anime shows will give you seizures.

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