Grand Rapids Urban Run turns into a soccer match

So on Tuesday we did the weekly Urban Run through the streets of beautiful downtown Grand Rapids for a nice Functional Fitness workout. But on that day, thanks to Mason Klein, we opted to steer the run over to the community college outdoor track. The football field in the middle served as our soccer field. Thanks again to Mason for bringing a few soccer balls and cones.

We stopped along the way for some Animal Walks, Planks, and Push-ups. Once at the track we did a few relays to continue our warm-up. There were 10 of us, so we made two lines of 5. The 2 would pass the ball back and forth for about 20 yards, then Inchworm for 5 yards, some more passing, then a Crab Walk for 5 yards. Shoot the ball back to the line and sprint back. Sit in a V-sit until you are up again to go. I believe we did 3 rounds of this, changing up the animal walks.

Then it was game time – a little 5 on 5. Some played soccer before, some had not. We had large men, and small women, and all in between.

Here were the rules:

RULE #1:  2 people from a team would have to touch the ball without the other team touching it before they could take a shot on goal.  This stopped any ringers was controlling the ball too much.

RULE #2: When a team scored, they had the entire other team do 10 reps of an exercise of choice. Of course Burpees was the first choice!

RULE #3: When a team shot at the goal and missed, the other team had them do 10 reps of an exercise of their choice.

RULE #4:  You can not choose the same exercise twice.

We had a great game, nobody getting hurt. We made sure to take it easy, but each and every one of us was exhausted. The jog back to work was not an easy one!

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