five and dime

The first guest workout by Kemme Fitness veteran, Aaron Roberts.
NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Pull up bar, medicine ball, slosh tube, clubbell, physioball (For bonus round)
CIRCUIT #1 – warm up:
5 Air Squats
10 – each side – Side Lunges 
5 Hindu Push-ups or Dive Bombers
10 Slaloms
10 – each side – Brazilian Crunches
5  Pull-ups
10  Push ups (any kind)
Medicine Ball Burpee Thrust Slam
10 – each side – Crab Crunches
Slosh Tube Squats (either with a press or with the tube held in front at the shoulders)
10  Leg Raises
Donkey Kicks
10  Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast (with or without squat)
5  Medicine Ball Burpee Thrust Slam
10 V-sit Twists – Medicine Ball
Frog Jumps
10 – each side – Clubbell Torch Presses (alternate sides)
10  Lunge Twists
Slosh Tube Presses
10  Tuck Jumps
Medicine Ball Slams
10 – each side – Plank 1 Arm Touch
Bonus Round:
10  Physioball Leg Curls
30 seconds Physioball Balance
10  Physioball Russian Twists
30 seconds Physioball Balance
10  Physioball Lateral Rolls
30 seconds Physioball Balance

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  1. Aaron

    I did this workout again today at lunch, but kept it to one round. I could not stop sweating afterward. Not sure what was going on, because it was not that hot here. Humid as heck? Yes. I am taking care to re-hydrate.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    We did a new bootcamp style workout that killed us on Sunday just cuz the humidity was too much. One of us even got a little sick until she got some rest and hydrated better. I tell you, it is almost dangerous to work out with high humidity

    1. Aaron R.

      I totally agree. I would much rather run or work out in hot, dry weather.

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