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Randy V’Estres made a nice comment on one of our exercise videos, which led me to his site. I attached his Youtube video, showing some of his intense movements.  They inspired me to make this next workout.  If there are exercises that you do not recognize, check out Fit Furry’s video and it will be on there.

Fit Fury Video

I orignially had his “Edgecrator Bicep Curl and Power Press” in one of the circuits, but later changed it to a 1 Hand Medicine Ball Pass for safety reasons. Simply hold a Medicine ball (8-12 lbs) in your hand. Squat and toss it to a partner. They will receive it 1-handed with a mild squat to absorb the energy. Make sure you return pass to the correct side for your partner, as you alternate sides.

There are 2 circuits that require at least 2 people, so you will have to tweek them for a solo workout.

10 – each side – Virtual Shoveling (95 lb barbell)
10 – each side – Barbarian Oblique Swing
10 – each side – 1 Arm Dumbbell Hang Swing Snatch and Press (40 lbs)
10 – each side – Dumbbell Pistons (Kettlebell or 35 lb dumbbell)
10 – each side – Dumbbell Side Lunge (35 lb dumbbells)
10 – each side – 1 Arm Medicine Ball Pass (sadly in place of the Edgecrator Bicep Curl and Power Press)
20 Leap Frog Push-ups
20 Squat Jumps
20 Medicine Ball Slam Downs (on Physioball)
Rotate through
10 Sit-up, Stand-up,  Medicine ball Catch & Pass
(position 1 throws, #2 does exercise)
20 Incline Push-up (1 or 2 arms) Medicine Ball pass
(position 3 throws, #4 does exercise)
If 5 people, add V-Sit until position #1 opens up.
If 6 people, add 2 Person Wipers instead of V-sit
30 seconds each
Quad Ball Surf Plank
Nose to Ground Plank
Wall Sit
45 Degree Sit
Side Plank
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