Deck of Cards – Lessoned Learned

If you have not already tried a version of the Deck of Cards workout, you simply have to try.

All you literally need is a deck of cards. You can choose anywhere from 2 to 8 exercises as the format allows for a wide variation. A few times a year, I pull out my deck of cards and those joining me give a collection groan. But I have learend a few tricks through the years.

Tips #1    This is actually the most important tip and I only recently learned this one. Chose your exercises ahead of time and do not allow for others to pick their own. I used to let those working out with me pick whatever format and whatever exercises they wanted. I would only give suggestions if they were at a loss. It is a lot better to have it pre-made so you don’t waste time figuring things out. Also there is a sense of comradship when you are all doing the same exercises

Tip #2     Utilize the Jokers.  I had skipped those for years, but now I make them either 15 or 20 Burpees. I follow that with a water break 🙂

Tip #3     Still  keep for some variation. I do this by having, let’s say, Diamonds as Push-ups (any kind).  That “any kind” means they can do regular Military Push-ups, or make it more fun with Scorpion Push-ups, Uneven Push-ups, or up to Plyo Spiderman Push-ups.

Tip #4    Sorry, but Aces have to always be 11, not 1

Here is the latest version I did for a group of 6 of us:
Spades = Physioball Sit-ups (1 Leg).  I do not have a video for this yet, but essential it is doing Sit-ups on a Physioball while trying to balance on one foot.
Clubs = 1 Leg Dips (hands behind you on a Medicine Ball or Kettlebell)
Diamonds = Push-ups (any kind)
Hearts = Sit-up, Stand-up, Tuck Jumps
Let me know what tips you have for Deck of Cards, or what exercises you think work best. Do you do 2 exercises, 4, or 8?  Just comment on this post.


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