Core #1

Medicine Ball Thrusters 12 lb
Ring dips
Close Hand Push ups
21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps
5 – each side –  Kettlebell 1 Arm Press
5 – each side –  Renegade Rows 40 lb Dumbbell
5 – each side –  Physioball  1 Arm Presses 20 lb Dumbbell
(balance on ball on knees and press DB)
5 – each side – Pistols (1 Leg Squat)
5 Knees to Elbows
5 – each side – Kettlebell Side Swings
5 Sprawls
20 sec nose to ground
10 push-ups
20 sec Physioball bridge
(easiest is arms out, harder is arms up in air, hardest is 1 leg)
10 Push ups
Repeat until exhausted
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