At the track workout with a Medicine Ball

This workout was done at a 1/4 mile track with 2 people. Of course, it won’t take any great amount of imagination to tweek this for 1 person or 4. The track has some bleachers with 4 sets of stairs, that is used in Circuit #2.

For Circuit #1, we started on opposite sides of the track. We ran 1/2 the track and performed the prescribed exercise. Then at our own pace we kept running around until we got to our starting points. There we did the other prescribed exercise. This was all repeated 3 times.

½ lap run
10 Medicine Ball Sit-up Stand-up Slams
½ lap run
15 Burpees
1 person runs up stairs while other does the exercise. When the first person returns to the bottom, he/she takes over the exercise while the partner runs up and down the stairs. Then they sprint to the next set of stairs and do the same there with the next exercise.
1 leg Push-ups
Scissor Kicks
Hindu Push-ups
Leg Raises
Person #1 does Frog Jumps until lapped by person #2
Person #1 does Lunge Walk until lapped by person #2
Person #1 does Medicine Ball Throws until lapped by person

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