At Home – Run #2

This next run is one of my favorites to do.  I usually run a mile and a half, but it takes me well over a half hour. Yes, I am not the fastest runner, but there are other reasons as to why it takes so long.

What I do is start out by thinking of some good bodyweight exercises.  My favorites are Push-ups, Burpees, and Dive Bombers. I choose what order I want to do them in and start my run.  I live out in the country, so this is a little less attention getting than if you were in the middle of Manhattan. But all you have to do is embrace your creativity and go for it!

The way I do it, is that I pick a spot somewhere in the vicinity of 50 to 75 feet in front of me and I do my first exercise on the side of the road right there. So I drop and do 20 Push-ups. I get back up and start running. I immediately pick another location about 50 to 75 feet ahead and drop and do the next exercise. I continue the pattern with the third exercise and then start back over with Push-ups (or whatever exercise I chose to do first). I continue this for the entire run. 

Ok, ok, sometimes I plan on dropping and doing an exercise when a large tree will block the view from a house so nobody inside can see me. Either way, this is the easiest way to turn a boring little run into a total body Functional Fitness workout!

Added idea:  If you are running with somebody slower than you, and if they don’t have an ego issue, you can run ahead of them and do Push-ups until they catch up, or let them run ahead while you do Push-ups and then you sprint to catch up.  Your partner will get their nice normal run in and you get a full workout. Just make sure it is ok with your partner first, since most people don’t like feeling like they are being lapped.


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