Apollo 1000

Apollo is the name my good friend Seth Crooks gave to one of his homemade pieces of equipment. He used scraps around his yard and made a heavy rope (named Rocky) and a large heavy “bar” made out of landscape lumber (named Apollo). This was a workout that he created for us. It took over 40 minutes and was intense. The 1000 comes from the total number of reps used.

Do 35 jump ropes with a heavy rope (in this case, it is Rocky) in between each of the following:
15 Apollo Presses
15 Apollo Squats
15 Apollo Floor Wipers
15 – each side – Apollo Lunges
15 Apollo Curls
15 – each side – Apollo Wall Touches
45 Push-ups

Obviously you can substitute a barbell or better yet – a Slosh Tube in for Apollo. This is a great workout for some great homemade equipment!

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  1. Seth

    I did this one again today, and we must have left something off the list. I was short reps. I just added an extra set of ropes at the end to get to 1000. Also, it may be a little short. I did v sit twists with the medicine ball until I hit 35 min.

  2. Seth

    Nevermind, I just don’t count very well. It works out if you rope after each side.

  3. Kemme Fitness

    You know, you can say, “hey Pete, we counted wrong. We did like 2000 reps. My bad.” Or something similar to that!

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